Les Barniques

For its 40th career anniversary, Les Barniques is treating itself to a royal gift! New sunny and spacious premises, and a partnership with a winning team, who shares the same values and professionalism. After welcoming a good many farsighted, nearsighted, and others of the kind, in its intimate offices on University Street, Magda Taraboulsy, optician founder of Les Barniques, has chosen to share quarters with Tris Coffin Opticians, in its Place Ville-Marie street level store.


New location, new colleagues, but same expertise, same professional care, same exclusives brands, which makes Les Barniquesʼ clientele almost happy not to see well! Rest assured that you will enjoy the same competitive prices, the same quality and the same smiles! Tris Coffin Opticians has, like Les Barniques, been established in Montreal for many decades and they share a history of excellence. Both are family business fueled by the same desire to please and satisfy their clientele.


Les Barniques
1 Place Ville Marie
Coin rue Cathcart et McGill College
(514) 871-9393